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Maryland’s Top Keratoconus Practice

Superior Eye Care | Keratoconus Specialist in Timonium, MD

For local Timonium patients, Keratoconus Specialists of Maryland provides specialty keratoconus services. With our highly trained and educated doctors with over 35 years of experience we have a very high success rate, and are our patients almost never need a corneal transplant. We provide each patient with the highest level of eye care through state-of-the-art technology and personalized care. Our treatments for keratoconus achieve the very best vision and comfort for our patients.

Our eye doctors serving Timonium MD provide each patient with individual personalized solutions for keratoconus. We specialize in custom tailored eye care on an individual level, which allows us the the time to work with each patient for a successful outcome. Our award-winning doctors and staff have been trained in the latest technologies and have the vast knowledge and experience for successful keratoconus treatment. Patients from Timonium and throughout the state travel to Keratoconus Specialists of Maryland for the best treatment options.

Contact Lenses & Keratoconus | Timonium, MD

At Keratoconus Specialists of MD our primary treatment are (specialty) contact lenses. Our philosophy is to delay and prevent the need for a corneal transplant. With custom contact lens designs we are successful with providing improved vision and comfort far beyond yesterday’s lenses. Options can include, soft lenses, RGP lenses, hybrid lenses, Scleral lenses,  PVR PROSE, and EyePrint PRO.  These lens options can now be designed to provide excellent visual results for patients with keratoconus.

Maryland’s Top Keratoconus Specialty Practice

For over 40 years our focus has been on Keratoconus. Our practice is designed, equipped, and staffed to provide nothing but the highest level of professional patient eye care for people with Keratoconus. With our expertise and experience we have successfully helped patients with Keratoconus, many who were previously told to get a corneal transplant and that they could not wear contact lenses. Additionally, many of our patients have seen multiple eye doctors and have been unsuccessful with RGP lenses and even Scleral lenses. Many doctors agree that it is best to exhaust all options for before undergoing any type of surgery.

Patient Video Testimonials

When it comes to personalized care in Timonium MD, no doctor can match the attention given by our doctors. Our team is world renowned for their expertise, unwavering commitment to superb patient care, passion, and education in providing personalized eye care for patients with keratoconus. We have earned a reputation by their peers as being the “Doctor’s doctor”. See what our patients with Keratoconus have to say.