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Dr. Irwin Azman, Keratoconus Specialists of Maryland, in practice for over 35 years
utilizes the newest research and technology for Keratoconus treatment and management.

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ur philosophy is to delay and/or prevent a corneal transplant. With (custom/specialty) contact lens designs we are successful with providing improved vision and comfort far beyond yesterday’s RGP and other lenses.

We are now able to detect the presence of keratoconus well before subjective symptoms develop. Wavefront Corneal Topography and Aberrometry measurements have become the standard of care in diagnosing and the management of keratoconus. Utilizing new technology, ophthalmic instruments now capture images of the shape of the cornea together with the entire optical system by taking tens of thousands of data points. The results are instantly analyzed and Wavefront topography maps are generated. These images provide Dr. Azman with a detailed map of the eye, similar to a fine detailed finger print. The eye-map displays the location and severity of any corneal distortion and high order aberrations (HOA). With this data and our experience a proper fit is assured. Treatment options can include, soft lenses, hybrid lenses, generic Scleral lenses,  PVR PROSE, and EyePrint PRO.  With these lens options and our experience, excellent visual results for patients with keratoconus is now an option. Patients who have  seen multiple specialists and have not had success travel from around the country to receive the proper care from Keratoconus Specialists of Maryland. Know your options and don’t rush to a corneal transplant!

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