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CorneaGen Debuts CTAK for Treatment of Keratoconus

CorneaGen has unveiled CTAK (Corneal Tissue Addition for Keratoplasty), a new treatment for keratoconus that uses custom-designed, gamma-irradiated corneal tissue segments.

Revolutionary Treatment for Keratoconus:
Introducing CTAK by CorneaGen

June 4, 2024
David Hutton

Revolutionary Treatment for Keratoconus: Introducing CTAK by CorneaGen

CorneaGen has recently introduced an innovative treatment option for keratoconus called Corneal Tissue Addition for Keratoplasty (CTAK). This breakthrough solution aims to enhance corneal contouring specifically for keratoconic eyes, providing a significant advancement in keratoconus management.

About CTAK

CTAK was developed in collaboration with CTAK LLC and Ziemer. It features patient-ready, gamma-irradiated sterile corneal tissue segments that are non-immunogenic. These tissue segments are laser cut and custom-designed to match the specific cone severity and location of each patient’s keratoconus. This customization ensures a tailored approach to treatment, optimizing outcomes for patients.

Advantages of CTAK

One of the key benefits of CTAK is its ability to save time in the operating room while maximizing the use of corneal donations. Bernie Iliakis, president and CEO of CorneaGen, expressed the company’s excitement about the potential of CTAK to transform the lives of keratoconus patients. “We have a long history as innovators and tissue processing leaders. CTAK represents a true treatment advancement while honoring and maximizing the gift of corneal donation,” Iliakis stated.

Immediate Vision Improvements

Dr. William Wiley, medical director at the Cleveland Eye Clinic Division of Midwest Vision Partners, highlighted the immediate positive effects of the CTAK procedure. Patients often experience significant improvements in both best corrected and uncorrected vision right after the surgery. “This immediate improvement at the first follow-up is an exciting experience for those dealing with keratoconus,” Dr. Wiley noted.

Innovative Collaboration

The development of CTAK is a result of the collaborative efforts of CorneaGen and its partners. The co-inventors of CTAK, including Dr. Peter S. Hersh, Dr. Steven Greenstein, and Dr. John Gelles, have played a pivotal role in advancing this treatment. Dr. Hersh emphasized the transformative impact of working with innovative partners like CorneaGen and Ziemer. “We’re able to improve patient vision, reducing the recovery time and risk compared to a corneal transplant,” he added.

CorneaGen’s Commitment to Eye Health

Beyond product and tissue processing innovations, CorneaGen is deeply involved in patient advocacy, supporting tens of thousands of patients annually. In 2023 alone, CorneaGen provided more than 32,500 sight-restoring grafts and partnered with over 25 eye, organ, and tissue banks to meet the corneal transplant needs in the U.S. and nearly 50 other countries worldwide.

The launch of CTAK by CorneaGen marks a significant milestone in the treatment of keratoconus. With its customized approach and immediate vision improvement, CTAK is set to revolutionize how keratoconus is managed, offering new hope to patients around the globe.

At Keratoconus Specialists of Maryland, we are renowned for our advanced keratoconus treatments and personalized care. With over 40 years of combined experience, our expert eye doctors leverage cutting-edge technologies and tailored treatment plans to address the unique challenges of keratoconus. Our commitment to excellence and patient-focused approach ensures that each individual receives the highest level of eye care, helping them achieve clear and comfortable vision.


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Scott Strickland
Scott Strickland
Dr. Azman, has been nothing but spectacular with me and dealing with my keratoconis!!! The lens he has me in currently are amazing, not only can I see nice and sharp but they are so comfortable you forget your wearing them. Dr. Azman is a perfectionist and you can tell he actually cares about the health of your eyes. He always asks me, how does that look, I tell him wonderful never better, his response is oh I think we can improve that, be patient with me. In all, this place was the best thing my wife and I have ever came across in addressing my eye issues!!!
Justin DeVito
Justin DeVito
Khamirah McCants
Khamirah McCants
Two words.. Life changing! I’ve seen multiple specialists in regard to my keratoconus diagnosis, none of these specialists were able to give a reasonable solution. I did a google search and Keratoconus Specialist of MD came up and making the call was the best decision I could make! I had an appointment and after a few test Dr Azman gave me a solution that my insurance would cover!!!!!!! Amazing!!! I am beyond ecstatic I will now have be able to see with clearer vision! Thank you
Mary Burgess
Mary Burgess
I was diagnosed with Keratoconus from a LASIK appointment. I was told to find a specialist to work with and I found Dr. Azman. Walking into the office, I was so concerned and worried from all the information I had googled. I worried that there was no hope for me. I walked in and was greeted with warm smiles which immediately calmed my nerves. I met with Dr. Azman who gave me immense hope, and I left with a new game plan, understanding, and team there to support me. I was told about my eye disease in November, and it is currently March using a pair of lenses that have me seeing clearer than I have ever seen in my entire life. I'm even going back in a few weeks to get a pair that will make me see EVEN BETTER. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Azman who never gives up and remains determined to get my eye sight as clear as possible. I recommend him to all who are searching for help in the Baltimore area.
Cheryl Sonceau
Cheryl Sonceau
As an optometrist excellent vision for me is paramount. Dr. Azman and his staff's expert examination and fitting of my scleral lenses for keratoconus provides me the excellent vision that I need to examine my patients. I have been fitted with scleral lenses by 4 optometrists over the past 10+ years. Dr. Azman is the best! His knowledge, experience and expertise can not be matched. The time and money spent by me as a patient to have my vision miraculously improved by scleral lenses is more than worth it! My personal and professional life have been blessed by Dr. Azman and his staff.
Kim McGreevy
Kim McGreevy
Azman Eye Care Specialists are absolutely top notch! This is hands down the happiest I have ever been with any eye care specialist. The office is extremely professional, clean, and efficient. The staff is friendly and helpful. Above all of that, this is the best treatment for my keratoconus I have ever had. Not only was it the easiest eye exam I have ever had, the resulting improvement to my vision is remarkable. I am more comfortable and have clearer vision than I can ever remember and I am 53 years-old. It's obvious upon your first visit that this practice stays educated and on the cutting edge of technology. Dr. Benjamin Azman clearly wants the best for his patients and will do what is necessary to achieve the best outcome. It's obvious that Dr. Azman and the entire office staff love what they do and take pride in treating their patients and providing them with solutions to increase their quality of life.
Charles Avery Thomas
Charles Avery Thomas
This is a very professional practice. Their attention to detail is unparalleled. My routine and emergency exams have been conducted with the latest technology. I feel that my Keratoconus needs are being meet with the highest standards!
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson
My 3.5 year journey to getting contacts has ended thanks to Dr. Azman. Dr. Azman and his staff are simply amazing and to be honest, that doesn’t give them the fair credit they deserve. Both he and his staff are very personable, reachable, professional, and relatable. I have to admit that at first I was a bit weary about having to drive 2 hours to Baltimore for contacts, but after my first visit my anxiety was put to ease (mind you it only took 3 and I walked away with contacts I could see in). Before my visit, I was contacted by his office so they could get my past medical records. Not only did he get them, he reviewed them. I have ‘special eyes’ and finding someone who can treat them is a miracle. I am 33 and at the age of 7 I was diagnosed with uveitis and had both lenses on my eyes removed. I’m legally blind and have very poor vision in my left eye even when corrected by machines. Dr. Azman took the time to examine my eyes and suggested the best product that would maximize vision for both. While I dismiss my left eye as a place saver, he treated it the complete opposite and gave it the care it needed. To my surprise, during the second visit, I was provided a pair of contacts that fit and were usable. I was blown away because this was only a trial pair based off our first measurements. He did his tweaking and on the third visit, I walked out with contacts that I could fully function with. I cried tears of joy. The contacts I was wearing prior to him were over 5 years old and had a chip on it and were nowhere close to the right prescription. I had been going to other eye doctors for contacts for over 3 years and had no luck. I was literally about to give up but one day I randomly googled ‘sclera lens doctors in Maryland’. He popped up and the rest is history. Thanks to him, I can see. Comfortably. Correctly. But don’t take my word for it. Check him out. If you have special eye needs or just eye needs in general, give his office a call. He has been a blessing for me and hopefully for you as well.
Toni Session
Toni Session
Hello. It has been a blessing finding Dr. Benjamin. He has given me the gift of sight with the correct contacts. I have been through so many doctors and contacts (toric, hybrid, gas permeable) and none have worked. The Schlera lens that Dr. Benjamin prescribed me have been a Godsend. I recommend Dr. Benjamin. He and the staff provide excellent customer service and make you feel at home. Joanne is awesome.
Dave Moluski
Dave Moluski
I had a very difficult case due to the fact that my corneal transplants were done in 1980 and 1990 I was losing contacts as fast as I could buy them I went to see Dr. Azman and he quickly found a solution to my problem by fitting me with scleral lenses He is well-connected with other doctors, which makes the process easy and the communication outstanding He even assisted my eye surgeon during Covid when I had a rejection and my eye. Surgeons office was closed. His attention to detail has allowed my eyesight to drastically increase I would recommend him to anyone