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Keratoconus Doctors in Maryland

Keratoconus patients in Maryland travel to our offices from all across the state and region for our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of keratoconus. For over 40  years our doctors and office have focused on keratoconus.  Our highly trained and educated doctors, and staff, provide the best eye care experience for people living with keratoconus. We provide concierge eye care to each keratoconus patient with personalized care, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and the latest FDA keratoconus treatments. Our doctors strive for and achieve the very best results – crisp and comfortable vision.

Our eye doctors provide each patient with individual custom solutions for keratoconus. We specialize in custom-tailored eye care on a personal level, which allows us the time to work with each patient for a successful outcome. Our award-winning team has been trained in the latest keratoconus technologies and has vast knowledge and understanding for keratoconus patient success. Patients from throughout the state travel to Keratoconus Specialists of Maryland for the best treatment options.

Your Keratoconus Specialists in Baltimore, MD

Trained under the auspices of Dr. Irwin Azman, the preeminent keratoconus expert in the greater Baltimore, Maryland area, and in private practice since 1977, Dr. Benjamin Azman O.D. specializes in the practice of Keratoconus, Astigmatism, Specialist Contact Lenses, and Dry Eye.  Our doctors form a relationship with our patients, and that is a rarity today. We have received hundreds of testimonials from keratoconus patients expressing their gratitude for resolving problems that other doctors could not.  At Keratoconus Specialists of Maryland, we ask about the details, and the symptoms that many people live with, thinking they are normal. We take the time to listen to our patient’s needs and then discuss and explain all the treatment options available. We provide concierge eye care – a commitment and dedication to all our keratoconus patients.

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About Keratoconus

Keratoconus is an eye disease that affects the structure of the front clear portion of the eye, known as the cornea. The shape of the cornea changes gradually over time from an ordinary round shape to a more cone-shaped appearance. As the eye becomes more cone-shaped and distorted, this leads to blurred vision, glare, halos, and visual distortions.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Although the cause of keratoconus is not known, there are many risk factors that can put some patients at a higher predisposition to developing keratoconus. Keratoconus is thought to involve a defect in the corneal collagen, the tissue that delivers the strength to the cornea and gives it its round shape. Research has shown that excessive eye rubbing is associated with keratoconus due to the constant mechanical movement of the corneal tissue. Additional risk factors are atopic diseases such as eczema, family history, and demographics.


The initial symptoms may include subtle blurring of one’s vision that cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Over time, patients may also develop halos, glare, or other night vision problems, including difficulty driving. In severe cases, there can be painful breaks in the cornea, which can lead to scarring.

Most people who develop keratoconus have a history of astigmatism and myopia (nearsighted vision). Astigmatism tends to worsen over time, leading to visual disturbances.

Keratoconus is Manageable

Though keratoconus can cause loss of vision and even blindness if left untreated, it can be managed, and sometimes treated. Each keratoconus patient is different and we provide one-on-one solutions and concierge eye care. At Keratoconus Specialists of MD,  we are specifically designed, equipped, and staffed to provide the Keratoconus patient with nothing but the finest in professional care. We have successfully treated thousands of patients with Keratoconus, many of who had previously seen other doctors unsuccessfully. Optometrists and ophthalmologists from all over Maryland and surrounding states refer their Keratoconus patients to Dr. Azman.

Our team of experts are ready to provide you with proper diagnosis and treatment options.

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Keratoconus Treatments

Keratoconus Contact Lenses

Our primary treatment for patients with keratoconus are (specialty) contact lenses. Our philosophy is to delay and prevent the need for a corneal transplant. With specialized contact lens designs we are successful with providing improved vision and comfort far beyond yesterday’s lenses. Treatment options can include, soft lenses, RGP lenses, hybrid lenses,Scleral lenses,  PVR PROSE, and EyePrint PRO.  These lens options can now be designed to provide excellent visual results for patients with keratoconus.

Specialty Contact Lenses
Scleral Lenses
Piggyback Contact Lenses
Hybrid Contact Lenses
Custom Soft Contact Lenses

Keratoconus Surgical Treatments

Several surgical procedures are often associated with keratoconus and are sometimes required. Most

Keratoconus Specialists

Keratoconus Specialists of MD is designed, equipped, and staffed to provide the Keratoconus contact lens patient with nothing but the highest level of professional patient eye care. With our expertise and experience, we have successfully treated patients with Keratoconus, many of who were previously told they could not wear contact lenses. Doctors agree that it is best to exhaust all options for Keratoconus before undergoing a corneal transplant.

Keratoconus Video Testimonials

When it comes to personalized care, no doctor can match the attention given by our doctors. Our Keratoconus team is world-renowned for their expertise, unwavering commitment to superb patient care, passion, and education in providing personalized eye care for patients with keratoconus. We have earned a reputation by their peers as being the “Doctor’s doctor”. See what our patients with Keratoconus have to say.